burzurq ?

Welcome Newbie !

Note: 99.9% of the information @ burzurq.com is meant
for Windows ME. Windows Me was the latest Windows OS
when i began building this website. After learning a
few setting changes it ran quick and stable for years.
The "public" PC at my house still runs Win Me.
ShutMeUpOrDown:) 4/13/2008

Have computer problems driven you burzurq ?

If you are a newbie like me who probably should not be using a
computer in the first place let alone go near a boot disk....
You are in the right place !

burzurq.com started out as personal storage-reference space
for frequently asked questions I encountered while participating
@ Justin Weber's Computing.Net message forum .

Since then I have begun uploading various howto's as a point
of reference for others and myself . If you would like to add to
the list Please Contact Me .


If you have questions or comments about this site or its content
please Contact Me .



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