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Autorun html

I searched Google for days looking for a simple way to have an html file launch from the autorun file on my CD-R's. I was going crazy until I landed at www.whirlywiryweb.com. After clicking around waiting for the "catch" I found out it was free, simple and exactly what I was looking for.

Not only is this the best solution available, it's FREE! thanks to www.whirlywiryweb.com.

I was interested in learning how to do this so I could make interactive holiday cards for family members. I created a small website with images, music, and information then burned it to CD along with the autorun & shellexe file. A family member just needs to insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive and the index page is launched automatically. Anyone who has surfed the web should have no problem navigating around your work of art. Another use for this would be so you could have a readme.txt file launch when the disk is inserted. A list of files on the disk? You decide!

How To launch a txt or html file with the autorun.inf:

Click the icon below and choose "save this file to disk". Unzip it and you will find two files. shellexe.exe and autorun.inf.

Copy shellexe.exe to the root folder of the CD. I included the autorun file to show an example of the command needed to launch the txt document.


If you find this tool is as impressive as I did please stop by www.whirlywiryweb.com and let em know!

Autorun CD

While checking my weblog i found a bunch of hits from people looking for instructions to create a regular autorun file. Originally this howto was meant for launching an html file [web page] from CD. Since i get so many hits for autorun cd I decided to add the info to save those people some time :).

1. Open up notepad.exe. Your going to use notepad to build the autorun.inf file.

2. Type or cut/paste the bold text below into the new text document.


3. Replace yourapplication.exe with the application you want to launch from cd.

Note:If the file will not reside in the root directory of the CD, you must add the appropriate directory before the filename. Example: If your CD will contain a folder called "foldername" and the application you want to launch when the autorun CD is inserted is called application.exe your Open line would look like this OPEN=foldername\application.exe

4. Save the text file as autorun.inf and burn it to the root directory. Root means directly to the CD and not in a folder on the CD.




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