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Create A Boot Disk

How To Create A Windows ME Start Up Disk :

If you have access to a computer that has Windows ME installed you can create a startup disk [also known as boot disk] by following the instructions below.

Creating a Windows ME Startup Disk:
1. Insert a blank 3.5 disk into your floppy drive.
2. Open Add/Remove Programs properties in Control Panel.
3. Click the Startup Disk tab, and then click Create Disk.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you dont have access to a computer running Windows ME you can find one online.

Downloading A Boot Disk:
1. Browse to http://dos.li5.org/.
2. Look under the "BootDisks" Header and click the WINME.EXE - Bootdisk for Windows Millenium link. Download it to your desktop.
3. Insert a formatted 3.5 floppy and double click the WINME.EXE file you just downloaded. This executable file will write the disk and create a windows me boot disk for you.

Special thanks to BootDisk.Com for making me aware of w0rm and his excellent boot disks.

You can find other websites that offer free downloadable boot disks by searching google.com.




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