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Create A Link

How to insert a link in your post at computing.net:

Example 1:

<a href="http://www.burzurq.com">Link Name</A>

http://www.burzurq.com in my example above should be replaced with the URL to the site you want the link to point to. Place the URL between the " quotes ".

Link Name in my example above is where you would place the title for the link. Place the title between the greater than less than symbols.

Here is what that link would look like in the forum: Link Name

Example 2:

Line one is an example of what would be typed into the forum. Line two is what that line would look like after submitting your post.


Today I visited <a href="http://www.computing.net">Computing.Net</A>.

Line 2:

Today I visited computing.net.

The instructions above will teach you the basics for inserting a link at the computing.net message forum. Below you will find a few links to other sites with tips and tricks for sprucing up your Links.

Robert Bale's howto post hyperlinks on forums.
Thanks to Terri for the link to this excellent site.

Understanding the hyperlink!




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