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WELCOME! Delindex Download Area

The primary purpose of Delindex is to delete Index.dat files which
are never resized, and only get bigger. These files contain all your
web surfing history since they were (re)created, and large index.dat
files can cause performance issues with browsing. Index.dat files
cannot be deleted if Explorer is running. The secondary purpose
is to delete junk files for reasons of space, privacy, and performance.
Delindex is "stand-alone" program and requires no installation and
no other files to run. All notes are within the program, so there are
no separate ReadMe or Help files.


* Accommodates the v4 WindowsUpdate detection engine.
* All commands are now separate lines of code,
   making Delindex easier to read, understand, and edit.
   More programming comments added for the same reasons.
* Most notes revised; new notes added.
* Deletes several application-specific junk files.
* Deletes some trojans and hijackers.
* Corrected *log.txt which in DOS was seen as *.txt
* Deletes *.cnt (Help tables of contents) in C:\Windows\Help\.
* Delindex uses DELTA section instead of duplicating code.
* The Registry is compacted using ScanReg /opt.
* The display of Free Space BEFORE is above Free Space AFTER.
* Removed the switches for NOTES and ADD. ADD rewritten and renamed CREATE.
* Menu option CREATE makes a "Superfast" StartUp disk configured for Delindex.
* Long URLs shortened by www.snipurl.com; easier for you to visit.
* Frequently Asked Questions and User Comments.
* In 5.1, bug fixes and minor updates.

To Download: Delindex goes on the root of C: (i.e., NOT in a folder).
When you click on download, a File Download box should come up;
click Save this program to disk and click OK. To download directly to
c:\, if the "Save in" box doesn't say (C:), click on the folder icon with
the up arrow on it (next to the box) until (C:) appears in the box;
do NOT click on any folder in the main window. On that same screen,
do NOT change the File Name. If you download it elsewhere, you must
move (cut and paste) it to c:\. You can replace (overwrite) any prior
version instead of deleting it. Other problems? Click on the
"Download Problems" link below.

To Use: type c:\delindex from any drive or any folder. (Adding ".bat" is not necessary.)
Press enter. (This takes you to a startup screen and doesn't delete anything.)
If you get a "bad command or filename" message, click on the
"Troubleshooting" link below.

Miscellaneous Info: Delindex works in Win98 and WinME; minor
editing will help it work more completely with Win98. Delindex
can run in color, and also delete index.dat files and restore saved
cookies each time you (re)start your computer. Delindex only works
in English versions of Windows. (49,080 bytes) Delindex does not
work in Windows XP/NT/2000.

*Click here for Troubleshooting Tips.

*Click here if you're having Download Problems.

*Click here if Delindex is reported as a virus, worm or trojan.

*Click here to Read The Code.



Get the French version of Delindex 4.2 rewritten by Gerard Melone, here :




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