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Fix Icons

How to fix icons :

Icons gone goofy? Follow these instructions in the order they appear to fix em.

1. Press the F5 key to refresh the icons in the current folder.

Didnt work? Try this !

2. Close and then reopen a window that contains incorrect icons.

Didnt work? Try this !

3. Restart your computer.

Didnt work? Try this !

4. Recreate the ShellIconCache file. This file is re-created automatically when you change your display's color depth. Follow these steps to change your display's color depth to a new setting and then change it back to the original setting:

Right-click the desktop and then click Properties.
Click the Settings tab.
Change the color depth from the current setting to a new setting.
For example, change from Highest (32 bit) to Lowest (16 bit).
Click Apply, and then click Yes to accept the changes.
Change the color depth back to its original setting.
Click Apply, and then click Yes to accept the changes.

Didnt work? Try this !

5. Using Registry Editor, add the Max Cached Icons string value with a value data of 2000 to the following registry key, and then restart your computer:

If you have tried all of this and it hasnt helped try posting a question at the computing.net windows me forum.




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