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Hotmail With Outlook 2000

You will need to have a hotmail account setup in Outlook Express.

If you don’t have a hotmail account already:

1.Open outlook express, select tools then choose accounts.

2.Select Add then choose mail.

3.Choose a display name and click next.

4.Select "id like to sign up for a new account from hotmail" and click next then finish.

5.Follow onscreen instructions to setup a hotmail account.

How to setup a hotmail account with Outlook 2000:

1.Open Outlook Express, select tools then choose Accounts then highlight the hotmail account you wish to add to outlook 2000.

2.Click the Export option on the right. You will be prompted to save the account as an .iaf file, click save. Save it wherever you store data.

3.In Outlook 2000, select tools then choose accounts and click Import. Navigate to the Hotmail.iaf file you created in step 2 and import it.

This places a Hotmail Inbox icon on the Outlook Bar. In the folder list, you will see a separate hierarchy for Hotmail, with the Bulk Mail, Deleted Items, Inbox and Sent Items folders, plus any additional folders that you created in your Hotmail mailbox.




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