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Reset memory for IE browser window size

How To Reset memory for IE browser window size.

Internet Explorer remembers the last setting of the last browser window when you close it. Sometimes it backfires causing windows to open smaller or larger than we want. Follow the instructions below to reset browser windows to open the size you want.

1. Close all browser windows but this one.

2. If you maximized this page before you started reading you need to click the restore down button. Its the pair of boxes between the X and the [-] minimize button. If you didn't maximize this page before you started reading you can skip this step and go to the next.

3. All windows but this one should be closed. This window should not be maximized. Grab the corner of this browser window with your mouse and stretch it to the size you want. If you want windows to open full screen you have to stretch it as far as possible with the corners. DO NOT use the maximize button.

4. Once you have this window stretched to the size you want.. Click the X to close it.

5. All new windows should open to the size you set. If Internet Explorer's browser size memory gets screwed up in the future just follow these instructions again.

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