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Reset memory for IE browser window size

Open new windows smaller

1. You will already have a browser window open reading this. Close all other browser windows.

2. Now, use this link to right click, "Open in" and open a second browser window. Now shrink that second one to the task bar.

3. Your back looking at the first one, it's a full window. Close it.

4. Now reopen the second and Resize and position it how you want. Now press "CTRL" and Click the X (top right of window) to close.

5. Bring a new browser window up, it should be "shrunk" now "Maximize" it again.

6. Now press "CTRL" and Click the X to close ...AGAIN :)

7. Finally, Open the new browser window and it should open maximized.

8. NOW you can Right click a link and it SHOULD (does here) "open in" to the size you chose earlier.

You may want to practise it a few times, seems confusing but it's not. Incidentally if you want to revert back to having it open full again, maximize it MANUALLY, "CTRL and exit [X, top right of screen] the first window and then do the same for the second one.

Re Open >> choose "open in" and it should open in full screen again.




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