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I Hate Pop-Up's!

::What were they thinking ?::

Pop-Up ads... They don't work ! They don't generate cash flow ! They usually anger anyone who has to deal with them ! So why do they exist ?

I have always hated Pop-Up ads. I can't think of a single instance of a Pop-Up ad that appealed to me. Unless the site contains some super unique feature I cant live without I never go back if i am hit with Pop-Up ads. I understand that websites have to generate cash to keep the doors open and I understand that advertising products and services is an easy way to accomplish the task. But when the advertising starts driving visitors away from your site I think its time to try something else.

::No Way To Yell Back !::

Pop-Up advertising is the equivalent of running down the street and yelling in people's faces to buy a product. Imagine walking along one day and some guy screaming at the top of his lungs to buy your printer cartridges from his website or your Hot-Dogs from his Fast Food place. What makes the Pop-Up worse than a guy yelling in your face on the street is that on the internet you don't get to yell back or tell him where to stick his Hot-Dogs.

::Logic Behind It ?::

I don't know anything about business or what the logic? behind these Pop-Ups are but I read an article today that makes sense. The author of the article explains that corporate types see the numbers of how many times Pop-Ups are clicked and this makes them think that Pop-Ups work. The author also explains the problem with this is that the corporate types cant tell the difference in a happy click and an angry click. I cant tell you how many times i have tried to close a Pop-Up only to find I had been tricked into clicking the link. Those whole page Pop-Ups that stretch across your screen so you can't close them are even worse. Luckily Ctrl-Alt-Dlt gets rid of it. But if your like me and have 10+ windows with different sites open at a time its sometimes hard to tell which window to kill so you end up closing some you didn't want closed.

::Creating A Monster !::

I wonder if the guy who made it possible to Pop-Up a window automatically knew his work would be used to wreck peoples online experience ? My uneducated guess is that most of the spyware-foistware-malware-JavaScripts and anything else that most internet users Absolutely Hate was created by some coder guy who had ethical intentions and thought about the cool factor while creating it. My other Uneducated Guess is that most of the coder guys behind some of this junk hate how it's being used as much as I do. An obvious example is email. Wow a quick way to contact someone ! So why is it that 95% of the email sent to me is Spam ? Does anyone actually read this garbage ? Why in the world would an email from someone I don't know convince me to buy something or delete a file off my computer simply because they say so ? Beats Me but someone is falling for it. Someone out there in cyber-space is deleting the teddy bear icon , reading Spam and clicking Pop-Ups or the advertisers wouldn't be using them. Or would they ?

In my Article pages I have links to various articles and when you click one it opens in a new window. I did this because I personally hate it when I visit a website then click a link and find myself in some abandoned area of the web without any easy way back to the page I was on before I clicked the link in the first place. My site allows you to open a new window , read the article, close the article and continue choosing other articles to read. Same thing goes with the advertising on my site. I spend a lot of time digging thru products and services to offer and even more time finding a nice looking link. Those Win This! You won! Flasher ads kill me. I don't put any banners on my site that rub me the wrong way and before I upload them I try and make sure that the page i am linking to doesn't have any nonsense on it either. If every webmaster followed this simple system the web would be a lot easier to look at. And if you ever see a Pop-Up at burzurq.com your infected with top-text or one of the other thief-ware applications.

::Pop-Up Stoppers ?::

I don't have anything against them and i am glad someone out there has given us an option but personally i am getting tired of "fix-em up" apps. Antivirus to stop virus infection , firewall to stop malicious intruders and adaware to hunt down spyware and the list grows every time we turn around. Why cant the OS be built to stop a virus? Why cant my browser be built to stop a pop-up? I wont use a Pop-Up stopper and I don't think anyone else should. I think it defeats the purpose. If you don't want to see Pop-Ups don't visit the sites the have them. It's the only way to send them a message.

"Pop-Up's = No traffic! + No revenue! = Doors closed!"

Please join me in the fight against Pop-Up's ! No annual fee required ! No sign up forms involved ! All you have to do is never click a Pop-Up link and stop visiting sites that use them.

Ok..Ok.. since you read all of this heres a link to a great freeware pop-up stopper. http://www.panicware.com/product_psfree.html

Before you install the pop-up stopper go get Spybot Search And Destroy or Ad-Aware and get rid of any spyware, adware, thiefware you might have installed.



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