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Spam List

This is a list of companies who send me spam.

Attention Company Owners !
If you see your link on my list its because the spammers who work for you sent me junkmail.
If you would like your link removed send me $5000.00 USD and ill think about it.
And if you think your product is so great i should buy it anyway......
Send me a free sample and ill write a review.

Attention Spammers !
If you wish to make my list you have to :
1. At least use html. I'm tired of boring text spam.
2. Link to a website or provide a return address! If your emailing me why do i have to call you?
3. Be original! From time to time i do include boring content but a cool looking site, humor or a
funny image i can steal will guarantee you a spot in the spam list. Good Luck!

The List


Spam List

Spammy Spam marvelouslove.com
Enlargement Spam. These guys made it easy to locate albionmedical.com because they have the exact same pages with the albion logo. What a joke. x3.extreme-dm.com this was in the source. Looks like some sort of affiliate program link. Google pretty much confirms this. Spamfilliates!

Spammy Spam sms.ac
What the heck is this? Who the heck is sms.ac and what are they selling? At first glance it looks like they want me to join the "mobile phone spam" movement. I included a screenshot :). Look at the bottom for the "sms.ac is a spam free company" disclaimer. I have never met Gabriel Cassorla. My guess is that this is typical spam sent out by the company or Gabby gets something for everyone she signs up. Does SMS stand for "some more spam".
Cell Phone Spam

Spammy Spam thisisgoodstuff.com
This spammer is trying to sell me ink. Hes an affiliate of evoclix.com. evoclix.com has a No spam policy. This so called policy basically tells me that its all my fault.

" EvoClix.com uses third party Advertisers and Publishers to send email advertisements, these advertisements are 100% Permission-Based, opt-in emails [This is a lie]. The companies that send them are honest and will be happy to remove you from their list [This is a lie]. If you feel you have received an email advertisement that you have not subscribed to please refer back to the received email and follow the instructions to unsubscribe from that publishers list. The instructions are usually at the very top and/or very bottom of the email. [This is a lie and it doesnt work! Never click the remove me link!] By sending your remove request to EvoClix.com you will NOT be removed from a list since we are not the sender/originator of the email [This is because they count on spam revenue]. In order not to receive any more emails, you will need to remove your name from the publisher that is sending you the email [This is a lie]. note: EvoClix.com uses many different Advertisers and Publishers to send email advertisements. If you ask to be removed it will only remove you from that list [This is a lie. They allow spammers to push product.] ". At no point did i opt into anything. The spam was shoved into by inbox by a spammer who was pushing a spam product. My address was not in the TO box and the emails FROM address was spoofed.

Spammy Spam infoforu.net
These spammers have a remove me link.. LOL! More debt spam.

Spammy Spam powershotplus.com
More DirectMeds spam. Hopefully someone sues these idiots for selling medication to people without prescriptions.

Spammy Spam investorplace.com
This spam appeared to be from lycos. Its possible that it was a lycos user posing as them but im unwilling to investigate further. Here are some of the URL's i found in the source. techinvestingonline.com and ppi-orders.com.

Spammy Spam ptcreations.com
These guys have framed pages hosted at stormhosts.net. The masked URL thing is not very professional! Oops.. LOL spammers? Professionals? :) They went to a lot of trouble to hide the source and location. I stole an image for breaking the Disable Right Click Rule. "Drive Customers to your website!". This is spam directed at spammers/ would be spammers.

Spammy Spam firstphrase.com
Just when you thought the spammers couldn't get any dumber.. This email is an attempt to sell me a keyword. I could pay them for the keyword "pencil" and every time someone typed the word pencil in a browser address bar they would instantly land at my site instead of a search page. The catch? The only people who would land at my site are those who choose to "upgrade" their browser with a 3rd party plug-in. The common term for this "upgrade" is browser hijacking. They steal advertising revenue from webmasters like me who are trying to generate just enough money to keep the site up. Why in the world would a spammer try to sell me this scumware? I'm the little guy who's being forced off the internet by them.

Spammy Spam gecco-online.net
This IP was in the spam I went to the root directory and found gecco-online.net after pinging them the same IP turned up. gecco-online.net claims to be a web host. My suspicion is that they are spammers and they created a fake company to throw off bored people like me. If im wrong.. my advice would be to not rent directories to spammers in the future. aseasonstravel.com was one of the hops. The source was created by the same WYSIWYG front page 4 and it shares the same IP so i assume this is one of the spammers other sites.

Spammy Spam -
Debt scam.. I was going to let this one go but they had a warning at the bottom :). More Globix Corporation junk. Cerebral Coretechs Promotions was in there also.
Copyright Shmoppyright

Spammy Spam starnetinc.com
infoforu.net:43000/mrt/index.htm gave me and it brought up the starnetinc.com name. Google turned up a bunch of spam related hits. I found a few funny ones from way back in 1999 about them receiving a usenet death penalty for spamming from their news servers :). Still at it i see. Heres a link that tells a little story of them cleaning up their act a while back 003121.html but for some reason spam is still slipping thru. infoforu.net makes it tough to view source, luckily i have a browser that cant be stopped ! LOL.

Spammy Spam iupworld.com
E card spam.. What a bunch of losers. Anyone heard about the new E card scam where they infect your mail client then send out more E card spam to everyone in your address book? These companies claim that you opted into it. Its a virus, plain and simple.

Spammy Spam bestinkprice.com
The "not so brite" fella that spammed me for this site forwards spam to multiple people in the to box. They pretend to be sending an individual some information. LOL i wouldnt be taking this confused persons advice about anything. They cant even figure out how to use a mail client.

Spammy Spam lifeinsquotes.com
The idiot that spammed for this site expects me to do business with an online insurance company. The page looks like it hasnt been updated in 10 years.

Spammy Spam usedcomputers.com
The kind hearted simpleton that spammed for this site is "gonna do me a favor" and let me in on low prices. Yet another awful looking site that expects me to enter my email address when i click thru. When will they learn?

Spammy Spam theadmanager.com
This spam is for a product at trimlife.com thats supposed to help you lose weight. Who would buy health products from a site named theADmanager.com.

Spammy Spam trimlife.com
This company payed another company to spam me. theadmanager.com. At least these spam supporters have a decent looking website. As soon as i got to the trimlife homepage i saw this huge "no spam" link. Guilty conscience ? I reported the spammers to them. Lets see if they actually do something about it. If im added to more spam lists..great. More domain's for the spam list. Update! TrimLife responded to my spam complaint. In the first paragraph they told me what i wanted to hear.."we are against spam" but in the second paragraph they explained how they do advertise thru newsletters that have optin lists. They suggested i click the remove me link in the email. Every other spam site out there tells me not to because it usually just confirms the address. TrimLife asked me to forward the spam so they could take further action against the spammer. Im sure i will get a reply telling me how i opted into something and thats why im getting the spam. If i have opted into something its because the site,service or product tricked me. Update! More spam from Trimlife. This time it's from spninc.net [another spam outfit]. I never got a response from the liar Jason. For a company with such a tough policy against spam they sure do have a lot of spammers pushing thier [*ahem*] product. Since they keep sending me spam i stole an image from them.
Trim Liars

Spammy Spam spninc.net [Secured Private Network] owns this ip. The same fake return address sent me the cellularway.com spam and the remove links were the same address. This ones for mortgage junk so i think its safe to say this is another spam outfit.
Spam Chick

Spammy Spam spninc.net
More spam from [Secured Private Network]. This tells me how snail mail is 37 cents and how email is less than 1 cent. I wasnt going to bother with this one till i saw Uncle Spam. Dont these guys know that email is free?
Uncle Spam

Spammy Spam cellularway.com
Finally! An actual product! It has been a while and im not used to finding real products being spammed. Cellular phone accessories, inlcuding the antenna booster. This thing is so fake. Sticky aluminum foil? Boost cell phone range? Sure it does. [sarcasm]

Spammy Spam netflix.com
theadmanager.com strikes again! This time with DVD deals from netflix.com. I guess the action trimlife.com took against them didnt teach them anything.

Spammy Spam 123cellbooster.com
This site made me laugh. This has to be one of the most idiotic products available. A small sticky peice of aluminum foil being sold as an "internal cell phone antenna". LOL it reminds me of the solar powered clothes dryer -aka- rope :). This company spams me thru this domain track.offer888.net.

Spammy Spam simpleescapes.com
This spam is a bunch of nonsense with links to these sites superdealnow.com - membershipme.com and a big ol' FREE K-Mart Gift Card image and a bunch of small company logos of other well known chain stores [BlockBuster - AMC Theaters - Target - Loews Cineplex - Olive Garden - Red Lobster]. I will assume these well known companies dont know about this but i cant be sure. More evidence of misleading consumers. All that and i still dont know what they are trying to sell me. WAIT! as i closed the browser with the spam i got a pop-up telling me to wait ! LOL.

Spammy Spam stylewolf.com
This project gets stranger by the minute. It seems that the spam i got telling me to fill out a form to rid myself of debt is being sent by a company that doesnt even have a home page. So much for commenting on the products or site design. These spammers arent even trying.

Spammy Spam cyber-detective
I dont know what to think of this product cyber-detective. Im not sure what company makes it but the spam came from freehostacces.com which turns up a forbidden message when you try to view the home page . Im guessing these guys are involved in spam but i cant be sure. Search engines turn up tons of get rich quick schemes. The spammers use some weird java garbage that blows up full screen. The right click feature is disabled on the page so you cant easily tell where the downloads come from. Even the order form is a java page where you are expected to give up your credit card number without any mention of who your giving it up to. Sure buddy.. ive got a bridge to sell ya. This has to be the worst attempt so far at selling me something. It reminds me of a guy in a dark alley with fake jewlery for a "deal".

Spammy Spam zhoster.com - roogoo.com
This companies cronies are going to let me work for their fortune 500 company from home with no experience. I knew this business model wouldnt work out and i was right. Seconds after receiving the email i clicked thru to receive a 404 page. Then i checked the home page and got the same 404. Proof that spam doesnt work. They are out of business before anyone can sign up. I got a second spam today from roogoo.com. It redirects to zhoster.com and returns a 404.

Spammy Spam southeasthosters.com
Mortgage scam / information gathering. I would love to meet the handful of lunatics who subscribe to this nonsense. This is the exact same submit form ben from frankhostnetworks.com is using, including the "no right click" script. I wonder if Ben's family over at frankhostnetworks.com knows about his new company. Spammer scammers, scammin each other ?

Spammy Spam ben.frankhostsnetworks.com
This mortgage site is hilarious. They have right click disabled. I found out because i wanted to steal an image of a greedy man with money in his hands. All you have to do is hover over the image and wait for the alt popup. Then search the source for the text in that popup and locate the image file. Tack the image file to the end of the domain and hit go. Now you will only see the image you want without the javascribble stopping you. The form being used has about 5k worth of notes in it LOL. The guy using it doesnt know he can remove them.
Greedy Spammer ben

Spammy Spam zena.frankhostsnetworks.com
Ben's wife zena didnt have any cool images to snatch but it did have a remove me link from xtremenatures.com. Shes basically pushing the same junk ben is.
Busy Spammer zena

Spammy Spam vicky.frankhostsnetworks.com
Vicky wants to give me a free euro coin so i can "own a piece of history". If i give Vicky $10000.00 USD she will teach me how to make $1,000,000.00. Vicky! If your listening.. You send me $5000.00 and ill show you how to make a million. This site has a terrible color scheme and is in need of an overhaul. Until the changes are made no one will take them seriously.

Spammy Spam paulina.frankhostsnetworks.com
Paulina from our good friends at frankhostnetworks.com is spamming for ADS FILE FINDER and LOCK and KEY software. These frankhostnetworks.com guys keep busy.

Spammy Spam dave.frankhostsnetworks.com
Dave and xena from frankhostnetworks.com are working together on this one to bring me great mortgage rates.

Spammy Spam 365.businessonlinenow.com
The idiot that spammed me with this expects me to buy a boat load of instabrushes. They are supposed to help me earn $50,000 ! How ? I cant even find a website for instabrush. If they are so "revolutionary" why are they so shy? Ill stick to buying my toothbrushes at walgreens and i advise you to do the same.

Spammy Spam cigsatlowcost.com
This wholesale cigarette spam comes from coolforyou98.com. They have the cigsatlowcost.com domain address at the bottom of the page but that domain doesnt work. Startup company or someone trying to look important? They expect you to order and make payment with paypal. Real professional outfit here. Their email address is optinselling@aol.com. Yet another example of professionalism...no domain based email accounts. The "optinselling" part will work out great for this spammer. And would someone please build these spammers a better looking site. Sheesh.

Spammy Spam magicmeds.net
This online drugstore has interactive-med.com and getmeds.org spamming me with low prices on viagra. The images in getmeds.org spam are hosted at money.onlinepills-co.com and im supposed to click thru to greenzer.com to be removed from the spam list. This site requires a password to enter so im guessing they are liars. They have "licensed doctors" to review my online medical form. I wonder how safe / legal this is?

Spammy Spam UltraMD.com
The site looked very familiar and after a little research [checking my spam list :)] i realized that UltraMD.com is really MagicMeds.net. I guess these spammers have to flip the script to stay in business.

Spammy Spam peter.hostcentrel.com
This spam starts out telling me to "fight back" and later tells me to buy oil futures. A pathetic attempt to exploit current events and the fears of the american public.

Spammy Spam sal.hostcentrel.com
Sal and Peter must be working together. Sal is going to teach me how to live longer and feel better. These guys sure offer a wide range of products.

Spammy Spam dnew.com
This debt consolidation spam doesnt have a URL or an email address anywhere. I had to view the source because they are using a form that sends an email to someone at dnew.com. While typing this the page refreshed and i received pop-up spam from these companies iplace.com - akamai.net - ConsumerInfo.com At the bottom of the spam a little note tells me to reply to sender with "remove" in the subject line. Its a fake email address so im guessing it wont work.

Spammy Spam
I couldnt find the domain name for these guys. The ip address turns up this isp chinanetcenter.com at the apnic database , Chen Yan Allen is the contact person. These spammers are trying to help me get a better rate on a home loan. What kind of ninny would be looking for home loans in china? You people need to fire who ever came up with that idea and you might want to put your company name on your website. Were not mind readers.

Spammy Spam spacesale.net
Typical debt consolidation spam. The home page turns up a 404. Big suprise huh ? The page im linked to is a form. Who would freely give out valid information when they dont know who will be receiving it? This guy must be new.

Spammy Spam theygo.com
The images didnt show up in this online drug store spam so right away we know this spammer is a novice. The home page is a 404. TYpical. Then i find out the links are all dead. Tsk Tsk ! medicalcare1@excite.com is the remove me address.

Spammy Spam cyberpills.com
This email covers all the spam basics. The from name is mortgage lender and the subject is Viagra. These two make up a large percentage of scam spam. Supposed to send an email to unixroot@btamail.net.cn to be removed from the list. Another online drug store with no imagination. Hopefully the next spam lifts my spirits.

Spammy Spam affordablemortgageloan.com
More mortgage junk. When i first started the spam list i thought i would make a huge list of products. The more spam i open the more i realize that most of this stuff is a complete scam and its all so rediculous. The websites look terrible, no contact information and no real products being sold. I bet some spammers earn way more than others. This guys losing money keeping his domain live.

Spammy Spam globix.net
Globix Corporation is an ISP i think. I looked them up and the have tons of spam activity listed. and are the IP's trying to sell me prepaid legal service. Give me a break.

Spammy Spam yourfreevitamins.com
track2.superdealnow.com is spamming me for this vitamin company. My first impression was a typo in the subject line. Tsk Tsk. Before i could close i was hit with these pop-ups : getadish.tv spamming dish network. freespark.com spamming airline tickets.

Spammy Spam medshop2000.com
Hurry ! Limited offer on teeth whitening products. The medshop2000.com spams redirect to terra.es/personal9/nupage115. The products free but its $10.00 to ship it. No brand names listed, no company name anywhere on the site and the order form isnt secure. It does have a little "secure encrypted" note. Is that false advertising? Should be a law.... I guess i will have to pass on this "one week offer".

Spammy Spam
The ripe database tells me that Aleksey Vitalyevish Shardin is responsible for the spam sent from that address but i cant be sure. This spam is for spammers :). Bulk emailing services at a low low price. This spam is emailed to me but if i want the service i have to call 1-423-625-4014 if i want to order. I guess these guys dont like an inbox filled with junk.

Spammy Spam take.pounds-off.net
I can lose pounds in days if i follow the spam sent by take.pounds-off.net. They want to send me software with a nurition data base.

Spammy Spam infohometech.net
These guys sent an email to vito. In the to box i see like a million names. Ill assume this webhosting info for vito is spam.

Spammy Spam
Erik and Shanghai Telecom Data Communication Division IDC. sent me some spam for symantec system works. For now we will assume that symantec.com knows nothing about Erik using spam to sell their product.

Spammy Spam iiprofit.com
I could be making $5000-$10000 dollars ! If $10000 is possible why would they even advertise the $5000 thing? For $39.95 Frank Kern is giving me 5 money making websites! I have to hurry though because hes raising the price to 79.99 real soon. Midnight! If this guy is are so succesful why is he in such a hurry? Maybe thats why hes rich and im not. I wonder if my 5 money making websites will look better than this one? Im not an expert but im guessing a 7 year old with poor vision built it.
Thumbs Up

Spammy Spam mortgagefindersusa.com
Another mortgage spam with a dead link. Maybe i can make some money teaching these guys html.

Spammy Spam spacesale.net
Spamming me with tax "help consultation" Is that help or consultation? Or do they consult helpers? CyberGate, Inc. at is where the submit form heads.

Spammy Spam
HGH As seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Oprah! Lose weight and live forever without exercise. These idiots have right clicked disabled telling you not to steal their source "make your own" they say. LOL taking pride in selling nothing.

Spammy Spam theadstop.com
"We have been in the email [spam] business for over seven years now." are proud spammers who offer their spamming services via.. that right! Spam!
Spammy Spamm Spam

Spammy Spam yourfreepresent.com
Today i received yet another spam from theadmanager.com. This one tells me i won a free gift and links to a page asking for all of my contact info. Phone, address everything. If they dont know who i am how is it they decided to give me a free gift? I decided to have some fun and gave theadmanager.com some contact info. Not mine of course. I used the info provided to me by the trimlife.com representitive who emailed me about taking action against theadmanager.com. I wonder if theadmanager.com will use the "you opted in" thing when trimlife.com asks them about it. LOL

Spammy Spam trustedwww.com.biz
Mortgage Junk! Plain old boring text. Not worth the bandwidth. Update ! I recently got a whole bunch of html emails. These are for Getting rid of credit card debt. The website says allied credit counseling. The site looks like a site but its just another submit form. The links in the navigation menu dont work. Just part of the background image.

Spammy Spam btimarketing.net
The email was like 5000 pixels wide with the spam centered in it. I think these losers need to hire a webmaster or get an email for dummies book. The site is a joke. I get a $200.00 "life time" gift just for checking them out. What the hell does that mean? It cant be all bad because "Others have already made up to $2000.00 in a single week and now its my turn". They want me to take them up on their $1000.00 cash challenge.

Spammy Spam smarter-cart.com
"Now YOU Can Receive $3250 in just 20 days!" Man i wish i knew about this place sooner. These guys are into privacy to. All you have to do is check the box : "Yes I would like more information but DO NOT use my email address for any other purpose. I DO NOT give my permission for you to share this email address with any other party." The site isnt really a site. Its a submit form [big suprise]. This particular form was copyrighted by Yaromat.com. Yaromat is a strange site. I cant really tell what its about but i dont think they know there form is being used for spam. The home page tells me "You are not authorized to view this page". How do they expect to make money if the clients cant visit the site?

Spammy Spam unclebenny.net and unclebenny.net are spamming me with low price viagra. This spam definately looks official, it has one of those "Best Price Guarantee" logos. Whenever i try and roll over a link the annoying javascript starts this weird number thingy and one by one letters appear to spell out a spammer message "online prescriptions - no doctor visits - your convenience counts".
Spam Doctors Guarantee Logo

Spammy Spam thepaperexperts.com
These guys are selling term papers! The kid in the ad looks pretty down till he gets his A+. The truth is that most teachers know about these scams and search these data bases so they can fail anyone who turns one of these papers in. And lets assume your teacher doesnt know about this particular paper.. What chance do you have of "written by our writers and include a free bibliography" being any good? This spam site looks OK. Its nothing special, not exactly a clean look but atleast it appears to be a real website.
Paper Caper

Spammy Spam noblefriends.com
This site is spamming with "My Rx Today". Another fake company. The noblefriends.com domain probably hosts a million fake spam oriented organizations. The site looks pretty good. They have a flash movie playing and even a fedex ad. Looks official but we all know the truth...SPAM!

Spammy Spam bestinkprice.com
Spamming me with inkjet cartridges. They must think i print out all my spam. I dont! WoW.. still waiting for the page to load, im dialing up so i left.

Spammy Spam greetingwishes.com
These spammers are sneaky! The email looks like its being sent by Humana.com. I dont get out much but even i knew who Humana was. It wasnt till today that i knew they were spammers. The spam is for a free rate quote. Shame on you Humana!

Spammy Spam gate120.com
Spam outfit, The home page is spamming an entirely different / useless product. Some weight loss junk. My spam was for Wesley Breitbard Books On CD-Rom San Diego, CA. The remove link was www.infowks.com/data1/mainrv.htm .

Spammy Spam shanghaizhan.com
These slimey spammers are using a yahoo domain to fool people into thinking they can get incredible mortgage rates from yahoo. http://rd.yahoo.com/define/vemo/*http://shanghaizhan.com/user0201/index.asp?Afft=QM35. T51-Find Better-Rates-11223 This was in the subject field. Can someone please tell me what the hell that means? Do these losers know that the subject lines in most of this scam-spam makes no sense?

Spammy Spam ipvp50.com
Perfect health in a handy travel size bottle. "Doctor formulated HGH" says the ad but the bottle says HGF.

Spammy Spam wowwownews.com
I have been selected for a vacation prize package but the link is dead. The one time i was going to fill out the submit form and the darn link wont work.

Spammy Spam biochart.net
Free Biorhythm chart.. whatever that is. This scam tries to get you to pay for laser printed biocharts. The spam says "whats ahead in 2002?" Its October 2002. If they havent done it by now my guess is it aint gonna happen.

Spammy Spam cmburns.com
"There are two types of people. Those who talk about it, and those who do it. WHICH ONE ARE YOU??" This spam starts out trying to get me pumped up. Maybe they think i will jump in and say "im gonna do it!". They claim to be a fortune 500 company. Maybe fortune 5 spam outfit but a company? I dont think so. They want me to fill out a submit form for free information about working from home. Im no expert but i assume this is a scam to get me spamming for them. NO THANX! I filled out the spam form with some contact details of another spammer and when i hit sumbit i was redirected to msn.com. I chose the desired income option : "10,000.00-25,000.00" .

Spammy Spam wizsystems.com
Web hosting company who had my domain name in the subject line. Spamming me with service that costs about 5 times what im paying at pair.com. You know these hosting and domain registrar spammers call my house? They did before i changed my contact number to a carpet cleaning company :). pair.com [my host] and dotster.com [my registrar] have never let me down. My site has never been down and every time ive emailed the support team my question was answered the next day. The only way i would leave them at this point is if someone wanted to host my site for free :) [hint hint..any takers? moving on...] I wanted to steal the image in the email. This thing was cut up into 15 sections. Since these spammers made me work for it i decided to edit it a little bit. What do you think?
Man Sitting

Spammy Spam buydrugs.net
Another online drug store. Whats with these doctor images?
More Doctors

Spammy Spam freightmart.com
Someone from [megapath.net is the provider] is spamming me with a submit form. The email is a giant image that took forever to download. It tells me how if i hurry and be one of the first 499 people i will save money with a nominal registration fee. What does nominal mean? This spam is telling me how to become an online travel agent. The website is just a submit form. The home page shows freightmart.com I decided to inlcude this spam because its the very first spam to my new / private email address. It was sent directly to my address with this as the return address emailblastcampaign@yahoo.com. The remove link opens my mail client and points to emailblastcampaign.net. What does this all mean? It means that one of the online stores i spend money at has sold my address to a spam outfit. Who was it? Good question! The only way to find out is to create 7 new email accounts and use one for each online store i shopped at. Then i have to buy something from each one and wait for the spam to show up. It will be worth it because i can then list the evil company who sells client info to spammers.
freight mart

Spammy Spam 2refinow.net
This email simply says "Your home refinance loan is approved!To get your approved amount go here." When i get to the site its a submit form. It seems that dot com quote systems are liars.

Spammy Spam calcium.com.biz
coral calcium is the nutrition product being spammed at this site. These spammers are working hard at keeping a secret. Take a look at the URL i found in the source http://www.media1.com.biz.busycorp.net. This means that busycorp.net has 4 virtual domains attached to this spam [.biz .com .media1 and .www] I think.. Who knows..LOL. This makes it easy to move the spam around to new false domains.

Spammy Spam busycorp.net
I think ive stumbled upon something. [i stumble alot] I just got a new mortgage spam from an old friend at trustedwww. Its another busycorp.net sneaky URL [http://www.trustedwww.com.biz.|.busycorp.net/mortgageshort/index.html].

Spammy Spam v345o.my.tj
Mortgage spam. These guys use a false domain www.moneydeals.biz.cg for some reason. The spam site was already down. I didnt check my mail for 12 hours so either they got shut down that fast or they havent put it up yet. After wading thru the 100 spams ive found 10 more from these guys. All of them have fake domains and all of them are down. Maybe this spammer didnt pay his bill?

Spammy Spam
Stop smoking spam. The remove link was mailto: hbgb@postmark.net. postmark.net is a free web based email service. I contacted them in hopes they will shutdown the spammers account. This might stop him from filling his valid email account list. NEVER! click the remove link! all it does is confirm your address and help the spammer.

Spammy Spam ???????
This is the strangest spam ive seen. It lists about 10 fake testimonials and the contact information of 5 spammers who will sell you "how to be a spammer" information. Heres the spammers contact info :

Michael Castro
87 Pembroke Crescent Hove
East Sussex
United Kingdom

TKB and Associates
Box #211
11220 West Florissant Avenue
Florissant, MO 63033

R Mosse
P.O. Box 210161
Milwaukee, WI 53221

RL and Associates
872 S. Milwaukee Ave. (#103)
Libertyville, IL 60048-3277

William S. Burton
9-G Colonial Crest Circle
Hanover, PA 17331

Spammy Spam lightninghosting.net coolidgehosting.org
Mortgage spam. I got both emails the same day. They were both similar in format. They used my email account in the subject line and both websites had the same source code & page title. I pinged both domains and they share this ip It belongs to chinanet telecom. They are known spam friendly hosts and have failed to do anything after being contacted about it by spamhaus.org

Spammy Spam gopresentation.com
Im excited. This spam contains an actual product. GoPresentation Software for PC. Its been a long time since i got spammed with a real product. $200 bucks to make resturaunt menus and brochures. I can do it all for free with notepad.exe and html. The site contains no privacy statement or abuse address. They probably havent had time, they spent it all on creating a useless product. How useless is it? Users are required to download a viewer. With html.. any browser will do.

Spammy Spam cutbillsinhalf.com
Free debt reduction analysis..whatever that is. EXPEIDEA..LOL they are trying to fool people into thinking they are expedia.com. This sloppy spammer forgot to change the title of the home page. He left it at new page 1

Spammy Spam wsntv100.com
Online school spam. World Server Network TV (WSNTV100) is a global education, entertainment and media organisation. Our goals are to bring low-cost higher education and entertainment to the worldwide population, and to promote the spread of broadband internet access that will make it possible to achieve those goals.

Spammy Spam jlvproductions.com
The spam was for information about getting cigarettes cheap. They want you to pay $5.00 for information. I wonder if they have ever heard of google? To order you click the paypal button :). If your a smoker i will tell you the secret for free. Order online, the websites are based in states that dont tax the hell out of cigarettes. The $30+ prices your paying for cartons is brought down to about $15.00 and its shipped UPS. The home page at jlvproductions.com is spamming an entirely different product. "Producers and Suppliers of AutoBody Repair and Chrome Plating Videos Designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer"

Spammy Spam livewarehouse.com
These guys think they are slick. They spammed me with investor information. "News" about microsoft investing millions in this company and a company called PMIC buying most of the company. The only link in the email points to livewarehouse.com so they get the credit for this spam.

Spammy Spam usedcomputer.com
Used computer parts. I have enough used computer parts already. Im using them to get online as we speak :).

Spammy Spam netspyonline.com
secure-mall.net offers up PcSpy software I can download right after i purchase it. The secure-mall.net site frames another page that frames the netspyonline.com website. Sneaky simple tricks used by spammers.

Spammy Spam www.prizeclearinghouse.com
This spammer has this IP in his URL And His spamner ad is located at jibb.net which is coming from this IP Same isp. The funky thing about this spammer is that his URL wont ping normally. Im forced to include the www.jibb.net. Same with the other one. Also.. If i type in http://www.prizeclearinghouse.com into the address bar the page loads. If i type in www.prizeclearinghouse.com without http:// into the address bar the page loads. If i try http://prizeclearinghouse.com without the www the page wont load. This is so freaky :) I saves the html and information. Maybe i can figure out whats going on here one of these days. Oh.. almost forgot.. The spammer sent the email using some weird method.. The link in my email was to my address. Must be some way to validate his harvests.

Spammy Spam runbread.com
Is spamming me with door-to-door medical supplies. Somebody donate this guy a decent looking website. These idiots even have a privacy policy..Our privacy policy: Under no circumstances will Door to Door Medical Supply, Inc., its associates or subsidiaries, sell, distribute, or otherwise provide any information gathered from this website. We will gather no more information from you, our customer, than is necessary for the purpose of serving you as a customer. How did these guys get my email address? I wish they followed the "privacy policy" when they were harvesting email addresses.

Spammy Spam custommediagroup.com
I have been getting tons of scam spam from these losers. This is one of the IP's : To find out who these spammers were i did a whois. The whois only turned up the company name Custom Media Group with no other info. I searched google for the company name and the dot com was first on the list. I pinged the dot com and the ip for it was I think its close enough to point the finger. If i made a mistake im not sorry. These losers shouldnt play so many games when trying to hide themselves.

Spammy Spam btamail.net.cn
I dont know who this is but i have been getting spam that asks me to contact them thru email at that address. Ugly text spam, no website and they expect me to cut/paste stuff then fill out the blanks. Wha? No submit form? You guys suck at this. Maybe you should rethink moving out of the trailor park? I created a rule forwarding all viruses to maria1@btamail.net.cn.

Spammy Spam btamail.net.cn
I have been getting tons..i mean tons of spam from these losers. This last week most of it has been a return address to that domain. Since that domain doesnt have a site up they must be a spam outfit. If they are not a spam outfit they need to look closely at whos using there email.

Spammy Spam
Generic Viagra Spam. I dont know about you but when the time comes i wont be experimenting with the generic. Only the best, retail viagra all the way baby! More chinanetcenter.com spam. They should pass a law forcing those criminals to post a list of home addresses for all the losers who spit out garbage from the chinanetcenter.com servers. If i catch a spammer on my block i will cement him in the back yard with the ameritech guy. If i catch a chinanet employee im only cementing his feet. Im gonna make millions charging admission to the "slap him with bamboo" room. I watched a news show once where one of the "in yo face" reporters tracked a telemarketer [phone-spammer] to his house. LOL. As soon as the teenager came to the door he started getting defensive. The lady popped up snappin and finally the top dog spammer came and got real mad. They didnt want anyone bothering them at home and slammed the door in the reporters face. Im tearing up here just thinking about it.

Spammy Spam faska.com
Awful looking site offering vacation giveaways for some info. Reminds me of those cardboard boxes in hotdog stands when i was growing up. If you ever wonder where junk snail mail comes from.. those free car scams you filled out when you were 10 are probably to blame. Another faska spam. Or should i say faskam or faspam. I created this email address about 12 hours ago. Kim and Linda already have thier slimey paws on my inbox. Another evil spam outfit. Each directory spamming a different faskam. The home page says "no!no!no!". And the who is info points to some spamp [spam tramp] named Kelly Charles 778 Valley Springs Rd Columbia, SC 29201 US 803-736-8879 faska_com@hotmail.com. I didnt get any hits at google for this site. I will be the first ranked :) YaY! Both Linda and Kim share the same return address. jbower1282@atexe.net. I dont know if atexe.net is a spam outfit or part of this outfit or even a real website. I only included it so it ranks at google. I contacted namesdirect.com [the host of faskam] about the spammer. I found a support email address at the site. Instead of dealing with the spammer the support team replied about 4 days later telling me to send spam complaints to the abuse address. I guess namesdirect.com does not care if they host spammers. If i had gotten the spam complaint i would have pulled the plug on faskam right away. Thanks for nothing namesdirect.com .

Spammy Spam
More spam from the Globix Corporation. This ones going to help me get out of debt. The email footer says i subscribed to this spam. LIES! i tells ya.. LIES! They had right click disabled to stop me from stealing the image below :) [edited of course].
Spam Trap

Spammy Spam qrafaa.com
SpiderMan stickers for sale! No pricing on the site. Just a submit form asking for my zip code and email address.

Spammy Spam genebusinessmaster.com
These guys are spamming me with septic tank products. SPC is the products name. Some kind of solvent. They used the RE:Important..blablabla method of trying to make me think i actually asked for this garbage. emailremovals.com is the remove me link. Let me rush right over and sign up for more useless spam.

Spammy Spam info-stationsupersite.com
Remember the sticky aluminum foil i mentioned? I finally got a pic of this rediculous thing.
cell boost spam As seen on TV

Spammy Spam asap6.com
These guys are spamming me with PC Doctor. I dont know what it is. The only reason i followed the link is because the html in the email was so bad..LOL Im suprised the links worked. All the tags were screwed up, the text formatting was all wrong. When i got to the site they had right click disabled. They broke the "annoyance" rule so i stole an image.

Spammy Spam qk1.com
I got some spam from qk1.com last week. The home page claims its a free webspace site and right on the front page they have an anti spam link. I contacted them about a spammer using the free webspace. No response and today more spam. This time its from qk1.com/d410/. Heres my theory. These guys are either a spam front or they dont get around to answering emails. Whatever... They are listed now.

Spammy Spam louisianahosting.org
Some sort of perfect credit scam. Nothing special, ugly site.

Spammy Spam videoprofessor.com
I have seen this idiotic product spammed on TV. This is the first time ive had to look at it in my inbox. This loser thinks he can teach people how to use a computer with a cd-rom. What if they dont know how to use the cd-rom? It was greetingwishes.com affiliate spam.

Spammy Spam tentoe.com
Spamming me with alteclansing.com. Nice to know that the big companies are checking up on affiliates. Feel free to steal the image below :).

Spammy Spam admanmail.com
columbiahouse.com Spam from theadmanager.com. This email tells me "You originally joined theADmanager.com to win $5,000 and to receive other promotions or you signed up with a party that has contracted with theADmanager." This is a big fat lie. I guess these spammers have to do this to stay "legal" LOL.

Spammy Spam lookingaround.net
GH1 spam. The remove me address is btamail.net.cn. I get tons of spam with this domain as the remove me address. What if... they never put me on the list in the first place? Too easy.

Spammy Spam countryfreehost.com
These porn spammers sent me a free membership spam. I clicked the remove me link so i could give them contact info i got from another spammer. When i submitted i got hit with popups from match.com and quacko.com. After the 3 finger salute to get rid of the full page pop-ups they advertise these gaming sites gamingclub.com jackpotcity.com homecasion.com showdowncasino.com. Are these guys crazy? They think someone will respond to an ad after trying to get removed from spam? For anyone who doesnt know, the remove me link just signs you up for more spam.

Spammy Spam domainfactory.com
Scammers spamming me with $14.95 a year "deals". Im paying 14.95 a year already. Have been for over 2 years. Seems like domainfactory.com is a little slow. The remove me link pointed to a page at emailremovals.com. The home page at emailremovals.com is a sales pitch for potential spammers. Why on earth would anyone confirm an email address at the spam site that sent spam to them in the first place? On a strange side note.. If i just type in emailremovals.com without the www I end up at a file not found page. The image used in the file not found page is located at west263.com.

Spammy Spam power-man.net
next-businesses.com is the spam outfit trying to earn affiliate cash via power-man.net and the "Net Power Investigator". Some sort of snoop software.

Spammy Spam netsuccessnow.com
secure.netsuccessnow.com is spamming me with "make money at ebay" garbage. The link takes me to a list of junk products i can buy from them and sell to other people. No thanks! At ebay you get feedback points for each transaction. After a handful of negatives for selling these junk knock off products your ebay career is over. They have a contact address :). Just added them to my list. For anyone who doesnt know about my list.. I keep track of contact info for spammers. Then i use this info to sign up for "offers" from other spammers. Support@NetSuccessNow.com Here's the contact address for anyone else who keeps a list.

Spammy Spam aztec-winners-casino.com
Online gambling Scam-Spam. They want me to download something so i can play my free games. Yeah right! I wonder what else you get when you download? Maybe some long distance to russia charges while im sleeping? No thanks. They have this goofy little gif that shows a climbing dollar amount. The prize LOL.

Spammy Spam btbmarketing.net
These spammers used 4.freevideodvd.com to spam me with a "get rich internet business" scam. I might have fell for it back in 98. Little late :). "they dont care if i have a 3rd grade education" LOL. Of course they dont! As a matter of fact the prefer the uneducated because they can steal from them more easily.

Spammy Spam sexyadultpages.net
Porn Spammers trying to get me to check out some lonely house wives. They have an email address for the remove me link. bigmail.cz. I wonder what these porn spammers would do if there kid opened up the door to find a bunch of naked scumbags handing them porn spammer adverts? Maybe the government should force spammers to provide there home address in the email?

Spammy Spam
Debt scam-spam. I found this link in the html clientupload.com. A quick google search turned up a hit titled chadconnally.com. After checking the source i noticed this site is using the same name/directory for the style sheet as the spam page. css/ global.css. Is this a cowinky dink? Why would a spammer leave a trail right to his personal page that contains photos of his children? Maybe i will get an email about i some day. The two style sheets are different but definately written by the same person. matraex.com was listed as the ip owner at arin.

Spammy Spam
Verio owns this IP. I have contacted the abuse department. These sites usually are down in a few hours after the first spam is sent. I stole a few images from them. The fake remove me link was here i-bushito.net. They have a fake message on the front page. It says something like "owner of this site. Your account has been closed". They do this to try and fool people into thinking someone else has shut them down for us. The remove me php still works so its obvious that the account is still active.
Doctor Logi 100!

Spammy Spam next-businesses.com
These spammers framed this whole site hghmasters.com. Homan growth hormones? This is the ugliest site i have ever seen. HTML errors up the wazzoo!

Spammy Spam hghmasters.com
These guys hired a spammer. next-businesses.com. I suggest they redirect some of the spam money towards a decent looking design.

Idiot Mail Providers

This is a list of domains that continue to return spam to me with an "undeliverable" message in the subject line. Spammers are using my email address to send out porn links. The postmasters at these sites are not smart enough to realize the spammers are spoofing the return address. Instead of just dropping the mail they forward it to me. So now.. not only am i being spammed by internet criminals, im also being spammed by email providers. Since my last few emails to these companies have been a waste of time i have decided to start listing them along with the spammers they support by forwarding the offensive content.

Spam Enablers :




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